You may not believe it but collecting Vintage Pimpernel Placemats has become the cheaper alternative of avid art collectors. Because Pimpernel Placemats have by tradition, commissioning internationally renowned artists to create the designs on the company’s placemats and coasters, art collectors have developed an interest for Pimpernel tablemats especially those that portrays the works of their favorite artists. From the ordinary art lover to the most avid art collectors, the vintage tablemats produced by Pimpernel is a cheaper way of collecting art made by internationally acclaimed artists.

Most Sought After Vintage Pimpernel Placemats

Through the years, Pimpernel has commissioned the works of renowned artists for its placemats and coasters. And because the art work that goes into every Pimpernel product are the works of the masters, the placemats and coasters on which these art works are embedded have become timeless art pieces worth collecting and preserving. Below are two of these vintage tablemats by Pimpernel that have become perennial favorites of tablemat collectors.

  • Pimpernel Placemats with the Venetian Canal Scenes by Marilyn Simandle. Marilyn Simandle is an internationally renowned artist who has been painting since she was just 6 years old. Always passionate about the outdoors, she has become an avid traveler with an eye for spectacular destinations. Her artwork reflects the local destinations she has personally visited among which is the Venetian Canal. The different scenes she painted of the Venetian Canal now constitute the art work for this vintage placemat series with the same name.
  • The British Heritage Placemat Collection produced by Pimpernel in the 70’s. This limited edition placemat set depicts scenes of the Oxford University in the 18th and 19th Century as drawn by John Donowell and engraved by William Woolett. Considered as a rare collector’s item, this placemat collection commands a stiff price and are quite difficult to find.

Why Collect Vintage Pimpernel Placemats

Every Pimpernel Placemat is of course worth collecting but you will find more satisfaction collecting the vintage series because apart from the wonderful work of art that goes into them you’d also benefit from the historical value they have. Vintage placemats depicts scenes from places or events of significant historical importance. This is enough reason to collect and preserve them.

Pimpernel Placemats Are Not Only For The Tables

Every tablemat produced by Pimpernel since 1933 are truly priceless works of art. They brighten up your dining table and never fail to impress your dinner guests. But they are actually more than a set of tableware because the amazing art work created by renowned masters and embedded into each one of them elevated these otherwise ordinary tablemats into timeless works of art. The vintage placemat series are even more captivating as they depict historically important scenes and events of a certain era. They are simply amazing on your wall just as they are on your dining table.

Other Placemat Series On The Pimpernel Vintage Collection

There are a few other vintage placemats in the Pimpernel collection which may interest you. They are worth searching for and purchasing to add to your own collection. Here is a list of other vintage placemats produced by Pimpernel which may interest you.

  • Marshland Bird Placemats
  • Pimpernel Toile Placemats
  • London Scene Placemats
  • North American Water Birds Placemats
  • 19th Century London Placemats