The initial batches of vintage Pimpernel Placemats England that were produced during the early days of the company are rather rare and quite difficult to find. They are now considered by many who are familiar with the quality and history of Pimpernel tablemats as prized possessions that are kept as collectors’ items much like you would keep a vintage Rolls Royce or a Grandfather Clock. Always copied but never equaled, the table mats produced by Pimpernel have become synonymous with superior quality with the assortment of unique artwork embedded on it their distinctive trademark.

Pimpernel Placemats England – The Humble Beginnings

The company was initially called Celluware Supply Company back in 1933. It was established by Ruby and Will George in a depressed section in North East England. They changed the name later on to Pimpernel Ltd which became known internationally as the first to produce rigid table mats with attractive pictures on the surface. The popularity of these hardboard placemats grew by leaps and bounds through the years. Their superior quality and the distinctive British flavor the embedded vintage art work exudes set Pimpernel products as the industry standard for rigid hardwood tablemats. They soon found their way into many fine dining tables in practically every corner of the globe. Today, the company is to the tableware industry what Rolls Royce was to the automotive industry.

The Changing Of The Guards In 2006

For reasons known only to a few individuals, Ruby and Will George sold the highly successful Pimpernel brand to the UK based, home ware manufacturing giant Portmeirion Group which vowed to continue Pimpernel’s legacy of providing quality placemats to brighten up dining tables the world over. However, under the new management, the Pimpernel manufacturing facilities were transferred to China where it continues to produce placemats under the same brand, with the same technology and superior quality, and with more innovative art works that never fail to attract and impress people. The changing of the guards which culminated with the change of the manufacturing venue from England to China in effect created a marketing vacuum with the legions of more avid Pimpernel followers continuing to long for placemats that were produced by the company in England long before the changeover took place.

Pimpernel Placemats England Continue To Have Consumer Appeal

The company has been known to collaborate with celebrated artists to renew its placemat collections in the past. (It still does today.) The designs created by such great artists like Thomas Rebek, Rosina Weichmeister, Cheri Blum, and Danhui Nai have found their way into the faces of the placemats produced by Pimpernel in England transforming every one of them into timeless works of arts worthy of a special place in anybody’s art collection.

Unfortunately, they have now become scarce since they are either no longer part of the new production line or their quantities have been drastically reduced in favor of newer more innovative designs. Despite this, people continue to turn the internet upside down in search of rare tablemats that used to be produced by the company in England prior to the changeover.

The Rarer They Are, The More Expensive They Become

According to the law of supply and demand, when the demand for merchandise is high and the supply is low, the price of that merchandise is more than likely to go up. Nothing can be further from the truth as far as placemats produced in England by Pimpernel are concerned. Since they are no longer produced in England, they are in short supply. And whatever is put up for sale usually comes with a stiffer price tag. So, do not be surprised if you find rare Pimpernel Placemats England that are selling at 20% to 50% higher than what they used to sell for.